Greater Memphis Chinese School

Weekly News

(Last updated on: 2/18/2017)

Dear Parents,

1. 大使馆将于2/25日,周六来孟菲斯服务。
时间:8:30-2:30,Saturday, Feb 25,2017。
地点:engineering administration building, university of Memphis. 3795 central ave, Memphis, 38152.
服务项目:旅行证,中国护照延期换发,健康证明等。注意他们不做美国人去中国签证!no Chinese visa! 请自己上大使馆网站去看怎样准备资料和照片,最好提前填好表格

2. Math League Contest 2017. For 3rd-5th graders who are planning to take 2017 Math League Contest, please register at the admin table and turn in the $5 registration fee.

3. Code of Conduct for Students and Parents.
Absolutely no food in the classroom;
No running in the hallway;
No chatting in the hallway;
Smoking is strictly prohibited on the entire campus;
Keep the restroom clean;

4. Homework and Quiz for Chinese Classes

Parents should know that student in Chinese 1 and above should have quiz every week and turn in their homework every other week. Please help your children and make sure they finish their homework on time. Teachers’ weekly messages for teaching plan and homework can be found from our school website,

5. Riverdale Youth United (RYU)

We are committed to offer opportunities for our students to engage in community service and leadership development. Riverdale Youth United (RYU) was established to fulfill this goal. If student wants to works as volunteer, he/she could register on our website, Riverdale Youth United ( ).

6. Safety - Parents should watch your children carefully. If you have any safety concerns, please immediately bring it to our attention and/or call on-campus police, (901)333-4242.

Thank you!
GMCS School Admin