Greater Memphis Chinese School

Teacher Guide

  • Accountable – Holding yourself to the same expectations and standards as you hold your students.

  • Caring – Going the extra mile to ensure that every student is successful no matter what.

  • Cooperative – Working effectively with administrators, other teachers, and parents for the good of your students.

  • Creative – Taking a concept and shaping a lesson that is unique, engaging, and dynamic.

  • Dedicated – Spending the necessary time to provide your students with the best education.

  • Engaging – Grabing the attention of a classroom full of students and to maintain their attention throughout the entirety of class.

  • Forgiving – Putting incidents with student, parents, or other teachers behind you so that it does not impact your teaching.

  • Joyful – Coming to class each time in a good mood, excited, and enthusiastic about doing your job.