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Greater Memphis Chinese School

Students Achievements

Please congratulate all of these amazing students!

  • 2017 Beethoven Club Piano Competition Result:

    Piano Junior A:
    1st: Dannie Dong
    2nd: Rosalyn Bao
    3rd: Ella Liu

    Piano Junior B:
    1st: Marissa Liu
    2nd: Yuka Yang

  • Math League Math Contest April 2017 Top Winners(Score 20 and above):

    4th Grade Contest(4th Graders): Alan Cheng, Emily Zhang, Shirley Kong, Annie Wu, Oscar Liu, Michael Liu

    5th Grade Contest(5th Graders): Bryan Ding, Evan Wu, Alan Zhou, Dannie Dong, Jerry Xiao, Emily Zhao, Jason Fang

    4th Grade Contest(2nd-3rd Graders): Max Ding, Ella Liu, Albert Ding, James Jin,
    Christopher Zhang

    5th Grade Contest(2nd, 3rd, 4th Graders): Emily Zhang, Albert Ding, Alan Cheng, Annie Wu, Akers Luke, Michael Liu, Kayden Li, Shirley Kong

  • 3rd Math Invitation For Girls(6th-8th grade)

    Marrisa Liu: 6th Grade Individual 1st place, overall 3rd place
    Amanda Zhou: 7th Grade Individual 1st place, oral prove 1st place

    This contest lead by Jennifer Xiao, Elaine Fu, Lilac Ding, Xingtong Wang, Kevin Luo, helped by Angus McKee, Anming Gu, Cindy Tan

  • 2017 Scholastic Art and Writing National Award

Jennifer Xiao, Silver Medal, Art Portfolio, Shrinking Woman

Elizabeth Dang, Silver Medal, Poetry, Uncle Sam’s Family Reunion

  • 2017 AIME (American Invitational Mathematic Examination) Qualifiers:

Four Students qualified for AIME via AMC10 or AMC12:

9th Grade: Kevin Luo

11th Grade: Chang Yu, Andrew Wu

12th Grade: Jennifer Xiao

  • 2017 AMC8:

Alex Zhang: Distinguish Honor roll

Marissa Liu: Honor Roll

Hongming Chen: Honor roll

  • WORDSMITH Writing Olympics(February 26, 2017):

9th grade: Sara Ding, 40-word dash, Honorable Mention;

80-word dash, 1st place; 120-word dash: 1st place; 400-word dash main event, Honorable Mention, Gold Medalist.

10th grade: Elanie Fu, 40-word dash, 2nd place;

80-word dash, 1st place; 120-word dash: 3rd place; 400-word dash main event, 1st place, Gold Medalist.

11th grade: Lilac Ding, 80-word dash, Honorable Mention; 40-word dash,, Honorable Mention

12th grade: Xiya Wu, 80-word dash, Honorable Mention; 120-word dash: 1st place; 400-word dash main event, 1st place, Gold Medalist.

12th grade: Jennifer Xiao, 120-word dash, 3rd place, 400-word dash main event, 3rd place

  • 2017 The Poetry Society of Tennessee Contest:

Jerry Xiao: Honorable Mention in Elementary School Division

Alan Cheng: Merit in Elementary School Division

Marissa Liu: Merit in Middle School Division

Jennifer Xiao: 1st place in High School Division

  • 2017 Southeast Regional Scholastic Writing Awards Competition:

Xiya Wu: 1 gold key, 2 silver keys

Elizabeth Dang: 1 gold key

Jennifer Xiao: 1 silver key, 2 HM

Elaine Fu: 2 silver keys, 4HM

Kevin Luo: 1 silver key

·    2017 Mid-South Scholastic Art Awards:

The Mid-South Scholastic Art Awards is an annual juried student exhibition presented by the Brooks and Brooks Museum League. As an affiliate of the Alliance for Young Artists and Writers, the Mid-South Scholastic Art Awards honors exemplary art by students in 7th through 12th grades, recognizing their outstanding achievements in a competitive annual exhibition and providing cash prizes and scholarship opportunities.

More than 3,000 entries in a wide variety of categories, including painting, drawing, mixed media, photography, sculpture, graphic design, film, fashion, as well as senior art portfolios are judged by a panel of judges over the course of several days. Judging for the competition takes place digitally, through a blind adjudication process involving a panel of regional artists, art educators, and other arts professionals. All the gold key works will be sent to New York City for national Judging!

Junior Division(7th- 8th Grades)

Amanda Zhou: 2 HM

Lily Zeng:: 1HM

Angela Yuan: 1 Silver Key

Sophia Cheng: 1 Silver Key

Middle Division(9th-10th Grades)

Amy Zhou: 1 Silver Key, 1 HM

Elaine Fu: 1 Silver Key

Sara Ding: 1 Silver Key

Catherine Hu: 1 Gold Key, 2 silver Key, 1HM, 3rd place in Middle Division

Stephanie Wang: 2 Silver Key, 3 HM

Amy Xue: 1 Gold Key, 1 Silver Key

Senior Division(11th-12th Grades)

Lily He: 2 Silver Key

Hanchen Wang: 1 HM

Jasmine Huang: 2 Silver Key, 1 HM

Jennifer Xiao: 5 Gold Key( 1 Senior Art Portfolios Gold Key), 1 Silver Key, 1HM, 2nd place in Senior Division

·    ALLWEST Junior Band: 2017

Junior Blue Band – Flute

3. Sophia Cheng, Houston Middle School-07

4. Marissa Liu, Schilling Farms Middle School-06

5. Cindy Liu, Riverdale Middle School-06

Junior Red Band – Flute

2. Hongming Chen, Schilling Farms Middle School-06

4. Amy Li, Houston Middle School-08

8. James Xi, White Station Middle School-08

Alternate – Flute

1. Yuka Yang, Houston Middle School-06

Junior Blue Band - Bb Sop Clarinet

20. Jeffrey Liu, Schilling Farms Middle School-06