Greater Memphis Chinese School

Students Achievements

Please congratulate all of these amazing students!

  • 2018 TSA (Technology Student Association) Regional Competion:

    Amy Zhou and teamate Cailee Bush won First Place for Structural Design and Engineering.

  • 2018 Mathcounts Chapter Round:

    Top 10 advanced to Countdown Round: Ray Wu, Ethan Yang, Dannie Dong, Bryan Ding

    Advanced to State Round: Ray Wu, Ethan Yang

  • Southeast Writing Region-at-Large Scholastic Award 2018:

    Elaine Fu: 2 Gold Keys, 3 Silver Keys
    Amy Zhou: 1 Silver Key

  • Mid-South Scholastic Art Award 2018:

    Sarah Ding: 2 Gold Keys, 2 HM
    Jie Wang: 2 Gold Keys(American Vision Award), 2 Silver Keys, 5 HM
    Ava Wang: 1 HM
    Diran Tian: 1 HM
    Stephanie Wang: 2 Gold Keys, 1 Silver Key
    Amy Xue: 2 HM
    Alice Yuan: 2 Silver Keys, 1 HM
    Angela Yuan: 1 Gold Key, 1 Silver Key
    Marissa Liu: 1 Silver Key

  • All-WEST Junior Band 2018:

    Oboe-Blue Band

    2 Amanda Zhou White Station Middle School-08


    1 Jerry Xiao Schilling Farms Middle School-06

    Flute - Blue Band
    1 Sophia Cheng Houston Middle School-08
    4 Ray Wu White Station Middle School-07
    5 Marissa Liu Schilling Farms Middle School-07
    7 Emily Gao Schilling Farms Middle School-07
    8 Hongming Chen Schilling Farms Middle School-07

    Flute - Red Band
    5 Yuka Yang Houston Middle School-07

    Clarinet - Blue Band
    17 Jeffrey Liu Schilling Farms Middle School-07
    22 Henry Yu Memphis University School-07
    23 Emily Zhang Schilling Farms Middle School-05

  • 2018 All West Middle School String Orchestra (6-8)

    17. Sarah Wang Lakeland Middle Prep-06
    31. Angelina Ju Houston Middle School -07

    7. Evan Wu Houston Middle School -06

    Cello Alternate
    2. Lauren Yang Schilling Farms Middle School-06

  • 2018 AMC 8

    Ray Wu: Distinguish Honor Roll
    Marissa Liu: Honor Roll
    Hongming Chen: Honor Roll
    Ethan Yang: Honor Roll
    Bryan Ding: Honor Roll
    Dannie Dong: Honor Roll
    Jerry Xiao: Achievable Honor Roll

  • Students artwork, listed below, has been accepted for the West TN Regional Student Art Competition and Exhibition

  • Jerry Xiao – selfportrait

    Meg He – Portrait of Morgan BEST OF Middle School

    Lauren Yang – the new Mixed Media

    Amanda Zhou – Drifting Away

    Sophia Cheng – selfportrait Black and Blue 1ST Place 8th Grade

    Angela Xu – Metamorphosis

    Sarah Ding – Random Thoughts

    Amy Zhou – Jeanna’s Tree BEST OF SHOW 11th Grade

    Amy Xue – leaf box (need title) HM 11th Grade

    Stephanie Wang – umbrella scratchbrd (need title) 2nd Place 11th Grade

    Lilly He – Bayne of My Existence

    Sarah Liu – Ruffled Chasm HM 12th Grade

  • Marrisa Liu: Tennessee Beta Convention Math Competition Champion

  • Marrisa Liu: Winner of the MTNA(Music Teachers National Association) Piano Competition-junior Performance(11-14)

  • Perennial Math Competition 2017

    • Individual Winners:
      4th Grade: Albert Ding, 3rd place
      5th Grade: Alan Cheng, Ginny Feng, Owen Feng, tied 3rd Place
      6th Grade: Bryan Ding, 1st place, Jerry Xiao, 2nd Place
      7th Grade: Ray Wu, 1st Place; Jeffery Liu 3rd Place

    • Team Winners:
      3rd Grade: 3rd, Rosalyn Bao
      5th Grade: 1st,Alan Cheng; 2nd Ginny Feng, Owen Feng, Luke Akers
      6th Grade: 2nd,Bryan Ding, Max Ding, James Jin, Annie Wu, Helen Liu
      7th Grade: 1st, Ray Wu, Jeffery Liu, Jerry Xiao, Oscar Liu

  • 2017 BRACE Award Recipients:

    Elizabeth Liu 3rd. Pl.

    Jerry Xiao 2nd Pl. 6th grade

    Hannah Lam 4th Pl. 6th grade

    Amanda Zhou 2nd Pl. 7th grade

    Alice Yuan HM 8th grade


  • University Of Memphis Piano Competition for Young Artist (11-17):

    Marissa Liu, 2nd place
    Sean Yang, 3rd place
    Henry Yu, Honorable Mention

  • Chang Yu, 2017 Siemens Semifinalist

  • TMTA Math Contest 2017 State Winners:

  • Geometry: Alex Zhang(1st)

    Algebra II: Sean Yang(10th)

    Precalculus: Kevin Luo(1st), Cindy Tan(3rd), Anming Gu(8th)

    Calculus & Advanced Topics:Chang Yu(7th)

  • 2017 Delta Fair Art Contest:

     Best in Show: Sara Ding

    Stephanie Wang: 1st place(11th Grade)

    Catherine Hu: 2nd Place(10th Grade)

    Diran Tan: 7th place(9th Grade)