Greater Memphis Chinese School

Emergency Responding Procedures

Should an emergency or disaster situation ever arises in our area while school is in session, we want everyone to be aware the Emergency Plan:

  • Call 911 in EMERGENCIES – when you or someone else is seriously hurt or is experiencing life-threatening conditions. An emergency is any situation that requires the immediate assistance of a police officer, fire fighter or emergency medical services. Our school address: 7319 Neshoba, Germantown, TN 38138

    • Emergency Examples: Crime in progress; Fire Breathing problems; Choking; Unconsciousness; Poisoning; Stabbing; Gun shot wounds; Struck by vehicle; Child locked in vehicle
    • Non-Emergency Examples: Minor accident (no injury); Barking dogs; Burglarized property; Power outage; Drug sale; Loud parties; Weather and road conditions; Scores for sporting events; Keys locked in vehicle (no child inside)

  • Notify principal and school administrators. Principal notifies parent(s) or guardian(s) of affected student. Bring the student to the designated room. Student will remain in the designated room with teacher/administrator until picked up by parents/guardians.

  • Executive Committee members should keep detailed notes of crisis event, including the description, when, where, teacher, students, witnesses, procedures taken, how parents/guardians were notified, decisions made and results.

  • Anyone who is aware of a weapon brought to school, notify principal or teacher immediately. If teacher suspects that weapon is in classroom, he/she should confidentially notify a neighboring teacher or adult. Teacher stays in classroom.

  • In situations involving dangerous intruders or other incidents that may result in harming persons inside the school building, principal will issue notification by announcing a warning over the intercom system. Be aware of alternate exits if it becomes necessary to evacuate the building or classrooms.

  • Fires can cause major disasters and loss of lives. In the event of an actual fire, it is very important that teachers, parents, and students do not panic, keep calm. A quick and orderly evacuation of students should be the top priority. Closing the door behind you can help to minimize the spread of smoke and fire. Do not try to fight the fire yourself, just get out as quickly and calmly as possible.

Usefull Phone Numbers

Campus Police:
Germantown Police:
Memphis Police:
Memphis Fire:
Collierville Police:
Bartlett Police:
Millington Police:
Shelby County Fire:
Shelby County Sheriff:
Road and Traffic Conditions: 511