Greater Memphis Chinese School

选修课 课程介绍 (Elective Classes Description)

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  • 小学数学 - 1 (Elem. Math - 1)

    This course will assume students know elementary math operations (addition, subtraction). During the course, we will discuss more on elementary math operations (including multiplication and some division) and mixed operation. The focuses will be on solving word problems and problem solving skills.

  • 小学数学 - 2 (Elem. Math - 2)

    用趣味性的、游戏式的解题方式,开启孩子对数学的兴趣,引导孩子用创造性的思路来解答数学习题,激发孩子对数学世界的源自兴趣的探索。(Students please bring a notebook to class.)

  • 初中数学竞赛 (Mathcounts)

    针对美国6-8年级的全国性数学竞赛,进行知识点趣味性、系统性的归纳总结讲解,拓展创新的、快捷的、准确的解题思路,更为今后高中文理各科的学习奠定了 缜密的逻辑思维基础。

  •  初中数学 (Middle School Math)

    对学校的初级代数课程进行系统的知识点讲解,加以基础数论,概率和基础几何的系统学习,为代数和几何的学习打下坚实的基础,并配以相关练习,达到加强和巩固的效果。(学生上课请带Graphing caculator计算器和笔记本.)

  • 代数 1 (Algebra 1)

    对学校的代数1课程进行系统的知识点讲解,在深度和广度上加以拓展和延伸,并配以相关练习,达到加强和巩固的效果。(学生上课请带Graphing caculator计算器和笔记本.)

  • 几何 (Geometry)

    对学校的几何课程进行系统的知识点讲解,在深度和广度上加以拓展和延伸,并配以相关练习,达到加强和巩固的效果。(学生上课请带三角板, 量角器,圆规, 笔记本, 纸, 笔.)

  • 高中数学 (TMTA, AMC10, AMC12)

    针对TMTA, AMC10, AMC12进行系统讲解和练习,用严谨和准确培养数学兴趣,提高数学的思维能力和逻辑推理能力。(Students please bring a notebook to class.)

  • 金融数学 (The Mathematics of Money)

    This course provides students with a mathematical grounding in central concepts of business and finance. Students investigate the mathematics of buying and selling, and apply these principles to real-world situations. Students investigate various forms of taxes, considering their impact on personal and governmental budgets. They gain fluency with the concepts of simple and compound interest and learn how these affect the present and future value of loans, mortgages, and interest-bearing accounts. In their examination of these topics, students manipulate and solve algebraic expressions, and also learn to apply a wide range of mathematical concepts.)

  • AP 物理 (AP Physics)

    to be added...

  • SAT数学 (SAT Math)


  • Scratch语言 (Scratch Programming)

    2017秋季主题:Draw Like a Robot. (Spring 2018 will focus on game programming using Scratch).

    时间:4:30pm - 5:30pm

    内容:We'll use the famous visual programming tool Scratch from MIT to learn some real coding techniques like repetitions, conditionals, functions, recursion, and object oriented programming.
    We'll learn Scratch by working on different projects, instead of blocks by blocks. It is more effective and fun.
    The class will also help the kids to build up some mathematical understanding on angles, geometric shapes, coordinates, modular operation, fractals through a very intuitive and interactive way.

    要求: The kid should be able to read and know how to do long divisions. A good solid laptop (iPad doesn't work). No textbook is required.

    The class is for both beginner and intermediate levels. Beginners will be provided with detailed instructions. Intermediate students will be guided and challenged.

    Maximum 15 students.


  • Python语言 (Python Programming)



    1. Intro to Programming and Python; data types; operators; variables; data structure
    2. Data structures continued;Control Structure (for-loop; if-else;while)
    3. Control Structure continued; examples
    4. Milestone 1: program with repetition
    5. Recursion
    6. Milestone 2: program with recursion
    7. Sort algorithms
    8. Search algorithms
    9. Milestone 3: program with algorithms
    10. Project Brain-storming and consulting
    11. Advanced: Python modules, input/output files, et al
    12. Explore the broad field of python programming
    13. Milestone 4: project demonstration
  • 演讲和写作-1 (Elem. Speech and Writing - 1)


  • 演讲和写作-2 (Elem. Speech and Writing - 2)


  • 演讲和写作-3 (Elem. Speech and Writing - 3)


  • 演讲和写作-初中 (Middle School Speech and Writing)


  • 演讲和写作-高中 (High School Speech and Writing)


  • SAT 阅读和写作 (SAT Reading and Writing)


  • 绘画 - 1 (Art - 1)

    通过生动有趣的取材,由浅入深,对学生进行线条、基本几何形状、以及色彩的基础训练,力求训练儿童基本的造型能力和对色彩的基本认识, 培养和提高儿童对绘画的兴趣。(Students please bring sketch pad, color crayons, color pencils and washable color markers to class.

  • 绘画 - 2 (Art - 2)

    启蒙系统性课程,一年制, 从8月到5月,上学期学习基本形体归纳和各种线条的情感和运用。下学期是复杂形体的拆解归纳组合,构图的基本要素以及色彩的基本原理和运用。工具是绘图本和48色以上washable mark的笔。

  • 小学合唱声乐班 (Elem. Vocal Class)


  • 音乐理论与作曲 (Music Theory and Composition)

    Dr. Stanley FRIEDMAN is offering Music Theory and Composition lessons to advanced middle school and high school students in the Greater Memphis area.

    Students will be expected to have had at least several years of study on piano or an orchestral instrument (violin, cello, clarinet, trumpet, etc.) and to be fluent in reading music. Students must bring pencils and notebooks of music manuscript paper to each lesson. Other materials will be provided. Dr. Friedman uses Finale© Music Notation software.

    These lessons will help prepare students for college-level music courses and high school AP Music Theory. Students will learn fundamentals of harmony, rhythmic notation and form, plus facts about the Great European Composers (1700 - 2000). In Composition studies students will bring original works to lessons and be assigned specific composing projects for critique and analysis. Students will be expected to devote at least 2 hours per week to composing at home and preparing assignments.

  • 舞蹈 - 1 (Dance 1)


  • 舞蹈 - 2 (Dance 2)


  • 舞蹈 - 3 (Dance 3)


  • 舞蹈 - 4 (Dance 4)


  • 瑜伽 (Yoga and Pilates)


  • 太极拳 (Tai Chi)


  • 武术 (Wu Shu)

    生龙活虎,舒展筋骨,强身健体,快乐习武! 课程包括准备活动,柔韧训练,武术套路,和身体素质训练等。Instructor: Mr. Kevin Miller, 往年孟城春节联欢晚会都能见到的北少林拳馆的掌门人,身手矫捷,动作如行云流水,一气呵成,给人印象至深,您定记忆犹新?He is good at Northern Shaolin Long-fist, Tai Chi Chuan, Southern Hung Gar, Praying Mantis, and Snake Style. He started Wu Shu training from age of 12, now has taught Chinese Kung Fu at the Golden Talon Kung Fu Association in Memphis starting from 1988. Kevin Miller has won many tournaments in South Central United States and is now spreading the knowledge of Chinese Kuo Shu.

  • 少年篮球 (Elementary Basketball)

    This class is designed for beginners between the ages of 6 and 9 years old. The goal of this class is to teach the fundamentals of the basketball game while also stressing teamwork, sportsmanship, enthusiasm and the benefits of having positive attitude. The class will work on ball handling, passing, shooting, layups, defense and overall basketball strategy. This basketball program will teach kids the basics in friendly, noncompetitive environments.

  • 戏剧 (Drama)

    Theatre is one of the oldest forms of story-telling. In this class, children will learn how to take a story off of the page and work together to develop scenes from famous fairy tales. Students will work to enhance their stage presence and their ability to work with others while following direction. Anyone taking this class should leave with the ability to speak more comfortably in front of people. At the end of the class, the kids will perform a series of short stories for their parents and loved ones.

    The teacher, Doug Johnson, is a Teaching Artist for Theatre Memphis. He has directed children's adaptations of Dr. Seuss, The Velveteen Rabbit, Shel Silverstien poetry and more. Doug is also a touring actor with ShoWagon, a company of actors which performs children's theatre in schools, community theatres, and libraries throughot the Mid-South. Doug received his degree in Theatre Performance from the Univ. of Memphis in 2010, and has been a constant presence in the Memphis theatrical community since 2005.