Greater Memphis Chinese School

Student Policies

  • Always be on time to class. Be prepared for classes. Students are given regular homework assignments. Homework should be turned in on time to receive the credit.

  • Always treat other people and their property with respect. Do not use or touch anything in the classroom except for the chairs and desks. Do not touch books, computers, or any susupplies belonging to school. You need to bring what you need for classes (textbooks, binder, pencils, eraser)

  • Students are responsible for making up all work missed due to absence.

  • Gum, cookies, food and beverages are not permitted in the classroom.

  • Certificate and Awards are given at end of the school year to students who registered in Chinese language programs. Students must meet the following criteria for receiving a Certificate: (1) Attendance is 80% or higher; (2) Average quiz score is 70% or higher; (3) Turned in 80% of the assigned work

  • Students committing or involved with violations are subject to disciplinary action ranging from conference with administrators, suspension to expulsion from school.

    The following are examples of violations:

    • Bullying, fighting, arguring.

    • Running, yelling in the classroom, hallway, and parking lot.

    • Being rude

    • Any activity prohibited by Shelby country school and law.